Sis Kebab
Ezmeli Kebab
Mozzarella Portobello with Prawns
Zeytinyagli Hummus

Cay Tea

Growing up in a melting pot of culture, we have been exposed to cuisines of diverse ethnicities. Let it be a hearty Hainamese chicken for breakfast or zingy Indian curry for dinner, we are blessed with the opportunity to taste the world, but today we headed a little further east. Today's lunch is set at a beautiful Turkish restaurant in Senopati, called Turkuaz. Surrounding us were utensils, paintings, chinas as well as rugs from Turkey, which work so well in captivating those who dine. After the nice waiters set our table, we then browse through their menu and after a few minutes of blank staring, we decided to get a little aid from the helpful waiter. It's not that the menu doesn't explain each items in a language we understand, it's just that there are a lot of them. For example, there are four types of hummus and there are ten kebabs to choose from but with the advice given and relying on instinct, we soldiered on.

From the hummus selection we chose the Zeytinyagli Hummus, which is chickpea puree with olive oil, it was smooth, nutty and creamy, the perfect companion for your bread, it was elegant. For starters we chose their mozzarella portobellos with prawns. To be honest, this wasn't that good, lack of taste and mushrooms were too watery. While for mains we decided to taste their Sis Kebab and Ezmeli Kebab, both had beef as the protein although you could also choose either chicken or lamb. Now it's probably that we had that unappetising appetiser, but the kebabs were explosive. The Ezmeli Kebab was smokey and juicy, it was like biting into the juiciest burger soaking with the goodness essence from onion, paprika and chilli, a real complex bite. Last but not least was the Sis Kebab, it was our favourite, for us it was the most complete dish served that day. The protein was beautifully cooked, tender and succulent. Served with Icli Pilav( Turkish rice dish cooked in seasoned broth) and kebab wrap, you get the whole Turkish experience.

By the time we finished our mains, we really regretted ordering the appetisers, otherwise we would still have some room for Baklavas!! For those who have not tried these, please do yourselves a favour and get some, try all of them. They are truly little pieces of heaven invented by the Turkish. So we had some Baklava for take away, we then closed our beautiful meal with their soul pampering Cay tea and paid the damage. With a grand total of 500k++, it was rather expensive, but then again for meals of this quality, we think it was worth it and definitely return for the whole experience. NOMapproved.