Pulpo a la Gallega
    Cuello de cerdo con salsa
Pierna de pavo with pimenton sauce
    Pinchos de atuna
Canos Spanish burger
     Canos crispy pork belly
Iberico ham
    The cured pig leg (Iberico ham)
Grilled king prawn

Let us begin this article by saying we're sorry for the lack of entry for these past weeks. As you may or may not have heard the weather in our beloved town was rather hostile. Rain kept pouring as if there was no tomorrow and flood disabled any mobility. So as soon as the sky cleared up, we headed to this Spanish restaurant called Canos. First impression on the interior was good, it has modern set up, dim lighted room with candles to illuminate the tables creating a romantic ambience. Service was good as well, lots of smile, fast and informative, now this is essential, because with foreign menu you need details before deciding what will go into your nom-machine. We don't normally care, because venturing is what we are about, but since we've been held captive in our own homes for weeks, we had to make sure it was a good dine. 

Now, for the most important aspect, the food. Canos is a tapas restaurant, so we expected the food will come in small portions. Going ballistic on the menu and ordered most of their chef recommended menus were only natural. Without waiting too long, the food started to come one after another. First, we had the Pulpo A La Gallega, which was boiled octopus. It was mediocre, it wasn't bad but we can not say anything special about it. The second dish to arrive was the Cuello De Cerdo Con Salsa, a dish of pork neck, it was tender but again mediocre, in fact it could use a little more flavouring. Then came the Pierna De Pavo, which was a turkey dish. Now, this was what we've been waiting for. Small in portion but packed with flavour, the meat itself was juicy and tender, such a treat to compensate the mediocre dish we first had. The next dish was the Pinchos De Atuna, tuna cubes in skewers. To be honest we thought this dish was going to halt us in good direction, but it turned out to be one of the most tender and succulent tuna dish we ever had. 

We were worried that we might not get a full tummy by just having tapas, so we slipped in the burger dish as part of the night's feast. The Spanish burger was as expected, delicious, juicy, cheesy, tender and it had that smokey flavour like any other great burgers. Next meal to arrive was the Crispy Pork Belly. We had high anticipation on this dish. We all love pork belly, but never had one served with vinaigrette before. Surprisingly, it works. The pork was crispy but melts as you chew, then within a split second comes this sharp sour kick from the vinaigrette that has a little sweet after taste complimenting the succulent pork belly. Such sophistication from a such simple dish.

As we began to fill to capacity, the long awaited Iberico Ham arrived. It comes in paper thin slices and served at room temperature, but don't let it fool you. Every slice was so packed with flavour, it explodes as you bite. They even serve you with slices of bread to help you contain all that deep smokey pork flavour. At this point we were pretty much stuffed, but our journey was yet to end, yes, we went overboard with the orders. The last dish to arrive was the Grilled King Prawns. Luckily it was a prawn dish, if it was a burger or another pork dish we would have had it for take away. It was nice but perhaps because we had such epic nom-moments and practically filled to the point where breathing took more effort than usual, we couldn't really appreciate the Grilled King Prawns.

Pricing in our opinion is decent, considering the whole exotic experience and ingredients and we think Canos Tapas Bar is definitely NOM approved.