Marugame Udon

ebi tempura
niku udon

Jakarta is a city dominated by ramen shops, so we were excited to see Marugame as udon specialist become the contender. Now we've been going to this restaurant ever since it first opened and it has been doing really well. Marugame is a chain of fast food restaurant that sells varieties of udon and tempuras but Niku udon is the menu that we're keep coming back for. The udon itself is not rubbery nor too soft, it has that perfect bounce and chewiness that gives every bite a wonderful sensation. However, the broth the udon is bathing in is to die for, it doesn't taste like any other udon broth we ever tasted. It has a certain richness and a perfect balance of sweet and savoury. We have no clue on how Marugame shops in other countries would be like but here, they serve fresh chop chillies!! After making your udon selection, you get to browse a row of golden goodness, the tempura selection. All the tempuras are crunchy and delicious but my favourite is the ebi tempura. When we order an ebi tempura we usually get a thickly battered small shrimp, not in this case, inside is a huge prawn and it goes the full length. Regarding the fast food label, everything served in Marugame tastes fresh and healthy, after all it's how Japanese food is suppose to be. Definite NOMdicted