Food-venturing is a tricky business, though it has a higher probability than the game of baccarat, it could still leave you a deep hole in your wallet and a bad after taste. Well it is not the case here. It has so much win, the deepest hole in your wallet will still give you the biggest smile. Apart from their excellent service the place itself has a well rustique yet modern design that makes it comfortable and easy on the eyes, suitable for a casual night out or just a simple coffee. The menu itself has selections from traditional Indonesian food to Italian pastas to American burger, but still simple enough for you to easily make a choice. Now, let us talk about the most important thing of all, the food. We picked the half roasted chicken with high anticipation and before long it was served. After taking a few shots, we began digging the part that worries us the most, the breast. Ladies and gentleman, it was moist and tender and with all the worries gone, we began to speed up in a flowy rhythm. Now, the already juicy piece of poultry comes with mushroom sauce, which enhances the savouriness and makes it even easier to go down your throat. Every bite was a pleasure, you can start picking up hints rosemary and that crisp roasted flavour as you go. Just like every good meal, it disappeared in no time  and all you can do is lean back and smile thinking what a great meal it was. Price wise is slightly above average ranging from 50k-100k rupiahs, but it goes steep as you go to the grilled selections ranging from 200k-400k rupiahs. To sum it all up, we can only say NOM approved!