We were confused and being famished did not make it any easier picking a restaurant. With so many to choose from we were like a little kid in a toy store. However, it was like an invincible invitation, we were drawn into this Japanese restaurant called Kado. The confusion did not end here, as we browse the nicely designed menu, we were once again at that toy store. What's about to come next is deeply etched into our minds. We decided to try they're signature pork dishes, the stamina don (grilled pork on rice) and buta bara (pork belly) kuhsiyaki. From the first bite we instantly looked at each other and smiled. Each time we swallowed, we couldn't wait for the next piece of grilled slice of pork to enter our chewing machines. You could really taste the sweetness, the savoury and that hint of charcoal that makes the taste extra crisp but most importantly the pork explosion. It was juicy, springy, tender, tasteful, simply invigorating. The already brilliant dish does not come unaccompanied, with a sprinkle of fried garlic and poached eggs it reached perfection. In an instant, the taste sharpen and creamy, lubricating each chomp and it's journey down the hole. We were so much in the zone, the meal ended in mere minutes, we honestly wished it would lasted a little more. To top the amazing meal we had, we were given a generous 30% discount on the food. That was truly one of the best meal we ever had, will definitely return for more. NOM approved :) 

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